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We strive to provide creative solutions and break new ground in the media landscape.

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We pride ourselves on being one of the very few teams from Singapore to have produced hit soundtracks and scores from homegrown jingles / short films to working on 8 feature films


Singai Naadu (“Land of the Lion”) was an independent project by Shabir Tabare Alam for National Day 2012. The song is a genial embrace of Singaporeans through all walks of life with its lyrics of hope, compassion, harmony, and equality.

Through captivating the hearts of Singaporeans, Singai Naadu cemented its place in history as the only Tamil song performed for National Day celebrations since Munnaeru Vaalibaa (1968).”


“Edhugai” (meaning “rhyme” in Tamil) is a Tamil song-writing initiative seminar, held in July 2012, which attracted more than 100 students, parents and teachers. Following the success of the seminar, the initiative grew into a National Day Tamil songwriting competition — Edhugai 2013.


Edhugai 2013 was organised with the support of the Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee helmed by Minister S Iswaran on July 6. A panel of judges selected the Top 10 songs itself and we produced 10 songs with music videos that received over 10,000 votes in just 10 days.)




We believe in giving back to the society by initiating events for the community


WeEat is a collaboration between Shabir Music Asia (SMA) and Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) to support the hardest hit communities by Covid-19 — hawkers and migrant workers. 


WeEats collects donations from Singaporeans, buys food from hawkers, and delivers them to migrant worker dormitories. 


This initiative forged a mutually beneficial relationship between the communities. It stimulated the business of local hawkers — supporting them both financially and accruing them with greater purpose in their work. The initiative also brought respite to our persevering migrant workers — thanking them for their efforts by sharing the joy of Singaporean food culture.


In 2020, Shabir launched LETTERS, a star-studded musical webisode focused on hope and resilience for our migrant worker friends.


The webisode is available in two versions, one in Tamil and one in Bengali — featuring poems, music and messages of hope, strength and resilience. LETTERS is designed to entertain, engage and enrich the lives of migrant workers in Singapore during this COVID-19 situation. 


The webisodes feature prominent musicians across the region,  including the likes of The TENG Ensemble, Iman Chakraborty, and Jeremy Monteiro. It was produced by Shabir Music Academy in collaboration with the Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC).


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