Helmed by Buvan and Shabir, Shabir Music Asia (SMA) is a multiple award-winning music & audio production company that produces scores and soundtracks for films, series and documentaries — captivating audiences through
immersive musical storytelling.

Meet The Team



Founder / CEO

For over a decade, Shabir has been an eminent flag-bearer in the vanguard of the entertainment industries of Singapore and India. His fame is largely derived from his work as an award-winning composer and singer/songwriter — with honours as the three-time winner of Mediacorp’s Pradhana Vizha (Most Popular Song of 2012, Best Soundtrack of 2016, Best Original Track of 2021),  Kannadasan Award winner of 2019 by Ajanta Arts India, merit at the Asian Television Awards 2015,  and the colossal viral success of his song, Yaayum, with over 116 million collective hits on YouTube.



Co - Founder / Executive Music Producer

Buvan is the dynamo that drives the high-octane chai-powered engine of SMA. He is a fresh face in the music industry, but like a shark, he was born surging through the currents with collections of Kollywood film scores under his belt. In Singapore, he is known for his work with Mediacorp TV series, having written title songs and scores for Thilaanaa (2019), 128 Circle Season 2 (2022), Vettai Season 5 (2022), and Tekan Minyak 2 (2020), with its theme song nominated for the Pesta Perdana Best Theme Song Award in 2021.

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Artiste Management

Chelsea is a breath of fresh air within the local music industry. Experienced in working with both major label and underground independent artists, she provides a holistic look at artist management. At the same time, she manages to juggle and keep track of all our crazy projects at SMA which keeps us running like a well-oiled machine. She may not be a musician like the rest of us, but her Spotify playlists are so diverse that you’ll never really know what to expect.



Marketing & Communications / Creative Assistant

Erwin is the man behind the media of SMA — managing publicity and branding of the company. Navigating SMA through the online seas, Erwin takes pride in riding the trending tides of arts, culture, and entertainment, whilst keeping the gravity of SMA’s identity centred. 

As a musician, Erwin is an active trombonist in Singapore’s music industry with heavy involvement in the classical, jazz, and pop fraternities.



Associate Composer

Vinaita is a beloved Kollywood icon revered for her work as a playback singer. Since her burst into the music industry through the smashing hit song Theeratha Vilaiyattu (2009), with over 4 million views on YouTube, she has won the hearts of both Indian and Singaporean audiences with her signature silky, soulful, and sincere melodies — shaped by her rich training as a Hindustani singer.

As the heart of SMA, Vinaita’s mission is to touch the lives of people through the genial embrace of music.



Lead Music Programmer / Arranger

Solomon William is the head programmer of SMA’s productions; his magic touch serves as the gleaming finish to the company’s signature sounds. Solomon’s contributions involve works critically acclaimed in both India and Singapore, ranging from the background scores of Raju Gari Gadhi (2015), the fan-favourite MediaCorp Pradhana Vizha Award 2021 nominated Thilaanaa, to orchestral soundscapes of Thiravaathiman (2020).



Music Programmer /

Foley Artist

A new addition to our team, Melvin’s arrival augments SMA’s capacity in collaborations with creative media from his experience in foley and programming scores for animation. In SMA, he swings back and forth through his roles as a foley artist and a music programmer — bouncing from the sound effects of Mediacorp animated series How To Train Your Hooman (2021), to the song productions of Thiruvai Malarvai (2020) and Thiravaathathiman (2020).